mentorNET presentation events organized in all project countries

All mentorNET outputs

The project team presented the products and results of the mentorNET project in UK, Italy, Poland, Germany and Cyprus. These events were a mixture of face to face and virtual events because in some places there are still Covid restrictions in place.

Towards the completion of the project, the project team organized events in all project countries to present its completed outcomes to an European-wide audience consisting of migrants, would-be mentors, experienced mentors, mentoring organisations and  local communities. These events have been organized in different formats, face-to-face and online as well, and took place as follows: the final project international conference on 15/9/2021 in Berlin (Germany) and national events in Poland, the UK, Cyprus,  Germany and in Italy. The mentorNET events have been attended by a total EU-wide audience of about 100 participants from a broad range of backgrounds and organisations.

The conference in Berlin was, aptly, held in the Refugio Centre, a well established refuge for migrants. The decision to hold the final conference in Berlin instead of London was taken because, at the time of needing to make the decision, it was unclear as to whether the UK would be accessible due to Covid-19 travel restrictions.