mentorNET MOOC


The mentorNET MOOC Become a successful mentor of migrants is now available in English, Italian, Polish, German and Greek.

The mentorNET Competency Framework

We have developed a framework of competencies describing which key competencies mentors should have.

The mentorNET Mentor Attributes Word Cloud

The mentorNET Mentor Attributes Word Cloud
Experienced mentors throughout Europe were interviewed and asked to describe what attributes a mentor needed when working with a mentee.

The mentorNET Network Strategy

mentorNET Strategy

The mentorNET Strategy is a guide to establishing a self-sustaining network of mentors for the purpose of mentoring migrants. The Strategy describes how the different elements of the mentorNET project interact to allow the development and establishment of self-sustaining networks. 

The mentorNET Café app

mentorNET Cafè


The mentorNET Café App is designed to assist members of a mentoring network with communication. The App is downloadable onto a mobile phone (iOS and Android) and provides a simple way to keep in touch or establish contact with other mentors.

The mentorNET Report

The mentorNET team conducted research into good practices in mentoring and developing self-sustaining networks. We are pleased to make both the full report and a summary report available as downloadable documents.